[ Gambar ] Justin Bieber dan Selena Gomez berdating di Wangsa Walk ? Betul ke ni ?

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Biar betol Justin bieber dengan Selena Gomez ni pergi jalan-jalan dekat Wangsa Walk ? Macam tak percaya pulak mesti ramai serbu dorang kan kat sana ? Lepas ni mana pulak destinasi dorang mungkin ke Pavilion or KLCC ? wahh suka la tu peminat Justin Bieber dengan Selena Gomez kan ......... Jom tengok gambar-gambar ni..

betul la dorang memang ada dekat Malaysia sekarang ni and ada dekat KL sebab ada news yang mengatakan dorang ada dekat sini untuk MTV WORLD Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Maklumat lanjut boleh baca kat sini

KUALA LUMPUR: Teen pop superstar Justin Bieber slipped quietly into town Thursday night for the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2012, to be held at the Surf Beach@Sunway Lagoon on Saturday. Decked in designer street wear and all smiles, the Boyfriend hitmaker flew into town with his pop star girlfriend Selena Gomez a day ahead of schedule.
According to www.redcarpet.net.my, an entertainment and lifestyle portal operated by The Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN), the lovebirds flew first class from Seoul, alongside top Korean acts Jay Park and Kara, who are also scheduled to perform at the pop music extravaganza. Bieber and Gomez were given a VVIP treatment at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel upon arrival at 10.30pm, which included being whisked away by big, burly bodyguards into a private lift at the basement carpark to dodge his lurking fans.
Two disappointed fans, Nurfatihah, 13 and Amira Ferina, 14, who camped at the Mandarin Oriental with their supportive parents, said they got wind of Bieber's arrival by following MTV Asia's official site religiously. "But they flashed a decoy, saying Justin will be staying at the KL Hilton," said the upset sisters, who are from Petaling Jaya. During his whirlwind trip to KL, Bieber and his lady love will be given a private tour around KLCC. The 18-year-old singer will be the opening act at the MTV World Stage.

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  1. Habislah peminat JB histeria kat Wangsa Maju tu. haha.


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