i love to touch my little new LG cookies series and i will going to that cookies monster party !

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heloo my dearest readers...

Well, LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series! Remember the original LG Cookie? Launched last year, the most affordable touch screen mobile phone on the block was a big hit with everybody. Now, it’s back and better with the LG Cookies 3GLG Cookies Plus and LG Cookies Fresh, with 5 new colours to boot...so so so amazing and really attracted me to the latest design that LG is launching now !

"Access your social networks, share photos and videos, enjoy great music and always stay in touch, all in full touch screen simplicity with intuitive quick-access widgets."

I want to share a little of what I like about this touch screen phone....

It is a great accessory to have and to be seen using. Touch screen mobiles can be small and slim and there are no bumps and bits, its all very sleek and smooth.

Another pro is that a bigger screen fits in well with the multi-media functions on the latest mobiles. Watching video clips, whole films or TV programmes and looking at photographs is much better on the larger screen that covers the full area of the mobile. No space has to be wasted for the keypad.

For music, photographs and videos, you hardly need buttons and you only need camera buttons when you take a picture. It makes sense for these to appear on the screen, rather than to stick out all over the phone.

some things why im making my turn noses up at phones with buttons and too cruel if I mentioned that the mobile phone is already outdated .. hehe .. sorry if you offended by what I say just now...

but the truth is the phone with buttons is very unresponsive and often difficult to use. Pressing different buttons may yield unintended results.

As the phone ages, the problem only gets worse. The hard plastic is not especially durable, and the buttons only get more unresponsive but different with The most sophisticated mobile handsets can also let you view word and PDF documents, send and receive emails and browse the internet.

Many middle of the range mobile phones try to pack so much in that they end up doing everything in a fairly mediocre way. For communications, choosing a mobile phone that is easy to use, offers speed dialling and easy text options that can also check and receive emails and browse webpages is the best bet.

You can then have a separate camera with as many megapixels as you can afford, and use your choice of mp3 player. i was really bored with the phone with buttons and i thought I'd switch to a touch screen phone because it was so many advantages and it accordance with emerging of technologies.

and about the Cookie Monster Party I want to state here that I can not wait to go the cookies monster party! I expect this party is the best party and fun for all. What made me interested in this party is the LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series and  the theme for this party is MONSTERS. yes monster ok! they use my trademark ! hehe..so cool...I would like to stress here that I was big fan of monster because to me it is very cute and I often use the monster's name as the e-mail and I also use this on my blog..wow..really really increased my desire to go to this party !!!

if possible........

since the baby, I'd change my name to the "cookie monster" hehe .. can go like that?

use this adorable toothbrush everyday,everytime,every second..kikikiki

drink in this cookie monster cup

eat cookies without tireless..errkk blurp !

to fill in the blanks with the name of the cookie monsters

1. wear this shoes with proud
2. Insert my lappy in this cute bag
3. look at this watch with a smile
4. bring this bottled water anywhere
5. and..wear this shirt every day .. hehe

google search engine with photos cookie monsters

do not want to delete cookies from my lappy .. hehehe

ohh .. I would die for going to the party Cookies Monsters!

finally, I really love COOKIES monsters, I would do anything for that cookies Monsters Party... ohh ...whether I was dreaming about all this? completely wrong .. yes .. I will go to thevcookie monsters party! without a doubt, if not maybe my next day is no longer fun (T_T) ***

lot of love from me, asmira surianie (^_^)
the cookies monster big fan....
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