Serius kelakar ! Microphone untuk orang suka karaoke tapi suara sumbang

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Jauh di sudut hati, kita mesti teringin nak nyanyi tapi takut malu suara tak sedap kan? Sesetengah orang je yang mempunyai suara sedap dan yang suara sumbang tu mesti manjadi bahan ketawa orang je kan.

Sekarang tidak lagi ! Say hello to Noiseless KaraOK ! Sebuah gadjet khas untuk orang yang suka menyanyi tapi takut suara tak sedao boleh cuba ini kerana anda seorang saja yang boleh dengar suara sendiri.hehe.hebat kan ?

The design is very simple. A muzzle, which they call a “mute cup,” connects to your iPhone or iPad, and and there you go! You can now sing your heart out without anyone hearing. This “mute cup” contains a microphone and polyurethane, which reduces noise. It also fits around your mouth perfectly, eliminating unwanted sounds and making sure it lives up to its name.
How does it work? Well, it’s easy. As sound reaches the mic, your iPhone or iPad detects it and can create an “isolated environment,” of course with the help of karaoke apps such as SegaKara. How much does it cost? At the time of its release, it was 3,980 yen (around US$50).
The only problem with this product is that people do not need it. Even the shyest person in the world wouldn’t need this. I think most people won’t spend money just to stop others from hearing them sing. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” If you think you can’t sing well, just grab a microphone and practice.

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